FarringtonDesignGroup is a multi-disciplined design firm specializing in providing creative architectural, interior architectural, and graphic design solutions.  Our clients are successful, growing companies who have an immediate need to maximize future potential. 

Our commitment to remain client-focused rather than project oriented is evidenced by the fact that eighty percent (85%) of our business is generated by repeat business. Our clients are highly valued, and relationships carefully guarded.  Most of our clients represent corporations, professional service firms, retailers, health care and hospitality-related organizations.

The basic philosophy of our team of professionals is that unique solutions must be responsive to our clients’ specific needs, budgets, schedules, and should reflect their corporate culture. Institutions are no longer simply developing larger facilities because of increased populations or revenues. Equally important is the need for your service provider to maintain standards without deviations that increase costs.

By offering a full range of integrated design and consulting services, FarringtonDesignGroup provides our clients with solutions that respond to issues affecting their organization beyond the physical project.  Working collaboratively with our clients, we address strategic planning, workplace quality and productivity, change management and project realization issues that directly influence a company’s performance.

Views to Success

Strive for excellence … Make a difference everyday … Always understand why before proceeding … We are a brainpower organization … Do the right thing … Never waste an opportunity to tell someone about our practice … Take charge of your attitude … Build mutual trust … Leave everything a little better than you found it … Substance should proceed form … Play to win … Keep your commitments … Our most valuable asset is our reputation … Protect our planet … Deliver good work … Be a positive and enthusiastic person … Believe in the team … Maintain a low overhead … Demand the best and be willing to pay for it … Care for and help others … Embrace change and be open to new ideas … Add value … Enlist someone to check your work … Be kind to yourself … Clients are rare … take care of them … Be known as someone who enhances client service … Have fun … Commit fully to your job … Never sacrifice quality. … Be accountable … Give praise for a job well done … Ethics are important.

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Work Space

Our firm is located in one of the highest profile buildings in Midtown Atlanta, GA, since 2008.